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At least, we try to

He's a designer. She's a game junkie. Together, they form a very potent cleaning solution, whose army of self scouring bubbles cleanse all the hard to reach areas...OF YOUR SOUL!


Or, you know, we make card games. Either or, really.


We're really happy you decided to read about us. Like, genuinely thrilled. And a little surprised, to be honest. I mean, who reads these things? Does anyone really care? You do, apparently, and we commend you on your diligent search to know all about us. It's unfortunate that there really isn't much to say. We were born, we lived, we got married and BAM! We made a card game. Nuked. That was the beginning. Now all that's left is the remaining time between this moment and the infinite stretch of time and space into an unknowable future.  

Got questions? Email us at

Or call us at 615-375-6853

Leave us a message. We'll get back with you. Or we won't. We might act like you never called.

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