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NUKED: Warmonger takes the simple gameplay elements from the original game and expands on them, offering more ways to deal damage and defend your settlement as you claw your way to 200 points. There are lots of new strategies, new cards, and tons of new and exciting ways to upset the people you play games with. All in a neat, sturdy box that holds the original, but is still small enough fit in a purse or a jacket pocket.


This expansion is not playable by itself, so you'll have to have a copy of the original to play it.

NUKED: Warmonger

SKU: 682318996333
$17.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
    • 4-14 + Player card game. (Yep, we've played it with 14 players..7 teams. If you value your sanity, you will stick with fewer.)
    • Compact. The whole game including the original is about as big as a half loaf of Velveeta, but doesn't melt as well. 
    • Still pretty simple. There's more here to love, but it's still pretty easy to grasp. If you've played the original, these new cards will be a breeze to learn.
    • Fun. It's fun, even if you don't win. Sometimes keeping someone else from winning can be just as sweet.
    • Strategic Play to the Maximum amount! Well, there's definetly more strategic plays available in the expansion, and there was a bunch available yeah, strategy.
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